Clear Braces: A Proven Method for Straightening Teeth

Posted on: November 14, 2016

Clear BracesWe use clear braces to straighten teeth and improve smiles.  The use of clear braces is not something that is entirely new.  In fact, there were detailed studies conducted from 1970 to 1990. The first effective invisible braces were introduced in 1997 using 3-D computer technology and a fabrication of clear plastic aligners. Today, the technology is far more effective than in the 1970s. We now have an alternative for using wires and brackets to straighten teeth. Too many adults are willing to live with crooked teeth rather than going through the traditional wire and bracket orthodontic hardware solutions in order to straighten them. The issue with crooked teeth is that a patient can experience infection much more easily than with straight teeth. The benefits of clear braces became evident as more adults began calling our office to straighten their teeth and improve the appearance and function of their smile.

Advantages of Clear Braces 

There are very natural advantages to having clear braces. A large number of adults wore clear plastic liners and were able to gain straighter teeth in the process. Not only did the patients gain confidence from teeth that look better, but that their oral health also improved. Adults that did not want to wear the traditional braces, were willing to wear the clear braces and quickly discovered the advantages of having straighter teeth. As a dentist, we know that bacterial plaque acids and food particles often contribute to dental decay and other types of gum diseases. If the teeth are out of alignment, they tend to provide an extremely good hiding place for the food and bacteria.

What most people believe is that the toothbrush can actually clean out all the hidden spots. However, if you have been to the dentist recently, then you know that one of the things a dentist does is to thoroughly clean teeth. unfortunately, a toothbrush cannot reach into all the crevices and hidden spots on your teeth. This situation is even more fragile when you do not have straight teeth. Clear braces allow people to correct this problem, which means that they have less of a chance of developing bacterial infections, decay, or gum diseases in between their crooked teeth.

One of the most relevant benefits to having clear braces is that when you have straight teeth, you reduce the wear-and-tear, the trauma that occurs when your teeth do not fit well together. You must think of your teeth like a set of gears which need to grind together in the proper manner so that they can process your food. If these gears do not fit well together, they will basically wear each other down and this eventually will lead to chipping, breaking, or wearing down of the critical tooth enamel. Clear braces straighten the teeth and prevent this excessive wear-and-tear by ensuring that your "gears" fit perfectly together.

Clear Braces in Long Beach

Aesthetically, the greatest advantage to wearing clear braces is that no one can tell that the teeth are being straightened.  For example, if teeth are being straightened with clear aligners, they will remain virtually invisible, making it possible to discreetly straighten teeth.  To find out if this solution is right for you, call and schedule an examination.

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