An Implant Restoration Can Restore Your Tooth After an Accident

Implant RestorationIf you've been in an accident an implant restoration can restore your missing or damaged tooth. Millions of people are in accidents every year. Car accidents, slip and falls, workplace injuries, sports injuries and more can knock teeth out or cause them to become permanently damaged.  Sometimes no matter how careful you are these types of accidents cannot always be avoided. Fortunately, there are options for replacing your missing tooth.

You can be fitted immediately with a temporary denture that can be worn right away while you consider your other dental options. Some people select to continue wearing dentures since this is an affordable solution. However, dentures can make it difficult to eat certain foods, can come loose when speaking, and need to be taken out at night. This creates an inconvenience for those with a busy and active lifestyle.

We can provide an implant restoration as a permanent solution for tooth loss. This procedure is preferable for people who want to replace a missing tooth without needing to take any additional steps caring for it after it has been installed. The process can take several months, so most patients continue to wear a temporary denture until it is complete.

In order to start the procedure, the gum tissue needs to be healed from the accident. Once it is, we will implant a metal piece underneath the gum line and secure it to the jawbone. The gums will then heal, and the metal will fuse with the bone. Afterwards, a second metal piece is attached to the first at the surface of the gum line, and this is what the new tooth will be attached to.

A new tooth is created in a dental lab and matched in both color and size to your other teeth. If you don't like the existing color of your teeth, you should have them professionally whitened before the new tooth is created. Otherwise, you will have one tooth that doesn't match the rest.

An implant restoration is a fantastic solution for replacing missing teeth with results that are stunning. Many patients are so thrilled with how they look that they have other natural teeth replaced with an implant. This same procedure can be used to replace a crooked tooth or one that is damaged, but still in place. Replacing all of your front teeth with implants is an effective solution for creating a stunning Hollywood style smile.

Patients who are unsure about having an implant restoration should consider other restorative options as well. A bridge is a viable alternative that does not require surgery. In this procedure a crown is placed on the two teeth that are next to the missing one, creating a “bridge” that a new synthetic tooth is attached to. This is a durable solution that will allow you to eat most, if not all, of your favorite foods. It will also be matched to your existing teeth and appear natural. The main benefit of an implant restoration over a crown is that there is less wear and tear on the surrounding teeth. To learn more about your options, schedule an appointment today.

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