We Offer Teeth Whitening in Our Family Dentistry Office

Family DentistryIn our family dentistry office, we help our patients' teeth look and feel amazing. Drinking your favorite glass of wine is a simple pleasure and teeth whitening procedures can make sure that your teeth don't suffer because of it.  There are certain types of foods and drinks that will stain your teeth.  It isn't a question of if wine and coffee will stain, but how much they will stain your teeth.  This can manifest as a dark stain on a tooth here or there or an overall yellow appearance.  Either way, your teeth can appear dull and aged if you aren't careful.

As a cosmetic dentist, we understand that it is difficult, and not very enjoyable, to give up your morning cup of coffee.  For many Americans, this has become a ritual and heading to Starbucks is now woven into our very culture.  While avoiding the coffee shop or steering clear of the work coffee pot may not be an option, you can help to prevent stains by brushing your teeth throughout the day.  You can also drink a glass of water immediately afterward if you don't have access to your toothbrush.

Schedule a teeth cleaning twice a year with our family dentistry office so that we can remove any surface stains from your teeth. Plaque can build up and make your teeth appear dirty, even when they aren't. Regular teeth cleanings can make an immediate impact in how your teeth appear.  At the same time, you can schedule a teeth whitening procedure.  A professional teeth whitening can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades.  This can make a dramatic difference in your appearance and remove years of damage and stains.

Teeth whitening works by placing a solution onto your teeth that contains some level of peroxide.  The peroxide penetrates through your tooth enamel and the oxidation process is started.  The molecules inside of your teeth are made to reflect less light and color, therefore becoming colorless and appearing whiter in general. This is a painless process that can be done fairly quickly.  The overall convenience and affordability of the procedure makes it extremely popular.  It should be repeated every three months to a year, depending on how often you drink wine, coffee, or eat spaghetti.  You have to decide how white you want your teeth to stay and simply whiten your teeth every time they start to look dull.

For the majority of patients treated at our family dentistry office, this procedure is enough to brighten their teeth and remove all of the stains.  There are some cases where teeth don't respond as well as they should, or a stain simply won't come out.  When this is the case, we have an alternative solution.  As a cosmetic dentist, we can install dental veneers on the surface of your teeth to cover these dark stains.  A veneer is a thin shell that is made out of porcelain or ceramic.  Both of these materials are stain resistant and won't absorb color from what you eat or drink.  You should still try teeth whitening first, but this is an alternative solution if you need it.

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